Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Blog - The just of things

Alright. So I am at work right now, and I most likly will be writing on here wile at work because I just "LOVE" my job and have "SO MUCH" to do......oh by the way, I was being sarcastic!
Not going to say where I work but I am an Accountant for an Insurance Firm. I better slow down because clearly this is an exciting job, no?! I am the youngest one here with the most responsability, but am the second to lowest paid here. Makes sence?? Not to me! And even though the majority of the women in this office (Home Office) and our ouside offices have been here for ever and are College Degree qualified wile I only have a High School Diploma....I am the only one with some common fucking sence. The mistakes these people make are mind boggling honestly. I havent even been with with Company for a year yet and I am fixing everyones mistakes and taking the rath of alot of other peoples work...but yet I am under paid.
All that crap aside, I have never seen so much back stabbing, gossiping, and drama filled office in my life. Not even in movies or TV shows. And I know that is a typical office filled with women but you don't understand, we would walk all over The Real Housewives reality show. Theres more screaming and yelling here than a football game. And it some how feels like I'm stuck in the middle. Mainly because of jelousy and I guess they feel I'm too young or unqualified, I dont fucking know but in a nut shell, I am looking for another job already. It took me forever to find a job befor I got this one because of the job shortage everywere and they pay enough to pay bills and rent here. But I live about 1 hour out of downtown and taking the bus and train is no picnic....especially during rush hours. So now that I have income, I can start casually looking for a better paying job. Possibly a career. And closer to home. (Mind you my dream career was to be a kindergarden/grade 1 teacher, but they get paid less then I do right NOW. Mamas got bills and a life!)
So thats pretty much how things are on the "work" side of things. My "possy" at the office are Danielle - 40 year old Scottish cougar who acts, lives, and dresses like shes 25 again. Lives in an expesive apartment in downtown for the night life and only has a cat in her life. She is part of the Commercial department and hates it here just as much as I do. Then we have Kathy - 28 year old quiet but funny Chinese girl. Never eats healthy but has a figure for Maxim Magazine. (bitch). She hates it here just as much as we do but just yesterday she gave in her notice. Lucky cow. and thats it! I share an office with a 62 year old smoker who drinks nothing but black coffee and will be retiring soon, Marion. She is the crouchiest sweetest woman. I will be taking over her position and will need to hire someon to take over my current position. Hopefuly I wont be here for that. My boss, Anita, who is a sweetheart too but can be a sour cunt the majority of the time and talks down at you when you have a simples question. There is so much more to add but I will get to that another day.
How can you tell I have been trying to kill time here.

Signing off for now....another day another dollar

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