Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear Blog - First Things First

So this is my second Blog now. First one I had was clearly ages ago...dont you just love it when you forget important information? Makes you feel very "smart" and "useful" doesnt it. Plus it took me about 50 tries to get logged back onto this stupid site...had to get the man to figure it out for me. Makes me feel useful even more. Fuckin good times there.

Anyways, long storey short. This will be used as my personal Diary slash BFF that actually sits and listens to what is on my mind instead of inturupting me every 10 minutes to talk about them and this guy or their hair or that bitch at work....its never cruel or a crime to be selfish for once. Right?!

Signing out for now......blah!


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  2. Thank you very much. You can follow me if you want. There are days where I have loooots to rant and rave about.